Game development

Our focus is to develop fun and engaging games that attract and retain players of different age groups and cultures.

Full Development

From concept stage to full release

Coop Development

Our team will help you to improve and ship your game


Mobile and Consoles conversion of your UE project

Software & multimedia

We aren’t only about gaming. We also develop desktop and mobile applications, tools, multimedia projects and websites.


Fully responsive & cross-platform based apps.


Developed to be easy to maintain and scale.


Designed with a saving-resources basis.

Fictional characters, comics and more!

We are also passionate about creating and developing fictional characters, digital comics and animated shorts.

Clients & Partnership


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What makes us stand out

We aim to build amazing experiences for our clients, users and coworkers. We listen, empathize, and foster fearless creative action.

Unreal engine

Blueprints, C++ & C# coding, Niagara & Cascade, UMG, Slate Custom tools and multiplatform patching & packaging.


Replication, Online & Socket subsystem, custom backend tools.


Technical Art, Performance & Profiling, Lighting and Materials setup.


Steam, Analytics, Epic Online Services, Google Play, Apple Store, custom multiplayer external solutions.


Android, iOS, Windows, Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo Switch.


Working environments, infrastructure, networking, anti-hacking measurements.


Mobile games Shipped (coop and full development)


PC games Shipped (coop and full development)


Console games Shipped (coop development)


Games on development (Coop and full development)

Our projects


A game that confronts heroes and villains of different fables, tales and cultures in fun strategic battles. Find La Calavera Catrina working with Leprechaun and Merlin to stop a group of villains that may be formed by Onibaba, Dracula and even Krampus!

Microsoft store

Hunters War

Conquer rival empires through action-packed combats, crush the enemy forces in mystical battles, and outwit other players with strategic tactics in the new and more exciting MOBA PvP.

Android iOS


An innovative F2P online multiplayer game from Ultimax Digital, Stonehold uniquely blends the MOBA and CCG genres. Compete in team-based lane combat with fantasy character archetypes.


Ships that fight underground

Fly your way in 20 different ship types with distinct roles and play styles. Customize them with noses, wings, skins, paint jobs, and tech tree upgrades. Deep dive into STFU's immersive single-player campaign or prove yourself in a variety of pulse-pounding multiplayer modes.




Trimurti Online

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